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Wedding photographer – This day is unique

I’m not gonna write I’ve been taking photos for years, or it’s both my passion and job. Just have a try and see my photos and make sure if I’m the right guy. From my side I’d like to give you a different look at this unforgettable day in your life.

Sometimes it would be amazing, astonishing or shocking, sometimes tongue in cheek. As wedding photographer I’m with you all day long, from the pre-nup arrangements till the unveiling (oczepiny). Even longer if you want to immortalize all events of this wonderful day…

As wedding photographer I have permission to take photos during church ceremonies. I completed the liturgical course for wedding photographers.

I live in Warsaw but I work everywhere. Just call me or drop an email with a place and date, if you want to be sure I would be available at your wedding time, or if you want to have some photos on location.

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